Has YOUR Doctor Shared the News About…

The Biblical Remedy to fight Sexual Decline?

And Has He Warned You About…

The Silent Male Plague

That is Killing the Sexual Performance of Virtually Every American Man over 45?

From the Desk of

Dr. Ryan Shelton

Medical Director, Zenith Labs®

If your doctor hasn’t warned you, then you should know:

Way back in 1996, the EPA issued a warning that this silent plague was damaging men’s reproductive systems.

But western medicine ignored the warning, and today, over 20 years later, doctors are still ignoring it…

Even though this plague is the secret reason for male sexual decline.

In fact, YOU could already have this invisible plague right now if you’ve ever…

Worried that it’s getting tougher and tougher to get “in the mood”…

Accidentally offended your wife because you weren’t as interested in sex as you used to be…

Needed more time to “recover after sex than you used to need…

Or just don’t feel like a real man anymore (let alone the “sexual rockstar” you used to be),

Then pay close attention, because those are all

signs of this Silent Male Plague.

You’re probably asking:

How could mainstream medicine ignore something so dangerous?

The reason why will make you furious:

Most doctors think it’s “normal” because it’s so common.

Nearly every single man over 45 faces these problems to some extent.

But “common” doesn’t mean “natural.”

Your sexual frustrations are NOT “just part of getting older,” no matter what your doctor says.

They come from the Silent Male Plague that has infected your cells.

That’s what happened with Andrew S., aged 66, who wrote me to say:

“My life was so busy I almost didn’t notice my deteriorating health creeping up on me. But I knew I had to do something about my health issues. Now that I’ve tried this Biblical ‘gift,’ my partner has ‘exclaimed’ a number of vital improvements in the bedroom. My partner is genuinely delighted. This has made a marked improvement to the quality of my life.”

And with Charles B., aged 44, who told me:

“I had ‘performance anxiety’ and worried my sex life was over. I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t know how to reverse things. When I saw this presentation, I had my doubts, but I figured I would take a chance and see.

I’m glad I did! I now have energy for not only doing my job outside the home, but at home as well. I don’t worry anymore about whether or not I’m able to satisfy my wife – I always know I can.

I have more pep in my step when it comes to just being in public, and a ton more confidence. So much confidence, in fact, that younger woman (in her early 20s) winked at me in the gym! Nothing like that had ever happened before I found this presentation.

That’s why I tell others to try this. You’ll wish you had tried it sooner.”

Also, Harold Nunez, aged 68, who said:

Before using Barbarian XL® I was feeling sluggish, tired and my sexual drive was very low. I had no desire to workout and felt frustrated. I didn’t want to hang out with family or friends, and I gained weight.

I saw the ad for Barbarian XL® and after reading the comments I thought to myself “what the heck, I try everything else, and if it doesn’t work I will return it”.

Since using this product it has given me stamina, energy, I feel more alive and it has boosted my testosterone level. I checked with my doctor, he tested me and found that my testosterone level increased. I am back at the gym, riding my bike, I’m more involved with work and clients and with our community church. I also enjoy going out to events with my wife. In bed we are like teenager’s again. It’s awesome!

Being 68 years old and a veteran who served in the Vietnam war it makes me feel like I’m in my early 40’s and I feel good. I just want to say “Thank You Barbarian XL®”.

Fortunately, researchers have discovered…

A Biblical remedy that fights this so-called “natural” sexual decline…

And it’s backed by the medical labs at Ohio State University and other top research facilities that have scientifically shown this remedy to protect men over 45 against this silent plague.

This is life-saving news if you’re fed up with…

Feeling guilty when you see the doubt in your wife’s eyes as she wonders why she’s not sexy enough to get you “in the mood...”

Starving yourself only to watch your beer gut continue to grow…

Coming home from work and plopping straight onto the couch because you’re so exhausted both mentally and physically…

Worrying that each and every day you become less of a man.

Here’s the Silent Male Plague that’s causing your low energy, low motivation, and decreased sexual function:

Your testosterone levels are declining as you age.

You probably know that testosterone is the “man” hormone, but it’s responsible for much more than a deep voice and hair on your chest.

When you were a teenager, your body started puberty by amping up testosterone production.

It was responsible for muscle growth and growing your beard. It’s even responsible for other attributes we call “manly,” like broader shoulders and your Adam’s apple.

As you became a man, testosterone became even more important.

First, it keeps the hair on your head… on your head.

It’s also the key ingredient of confidence. You know that deep swell of pride you used to get when a beautiful woman would flirt with you or when you accomplished a tough goal?

That feeling comes from an increase of testosterone in your body.

Of course, what most people know about testosterone is its role in sex.

Testosterone is responsible for normal sperm production. You need it to help make sure you’re not “firing blanks.”

It also contributes to the strength of erections. It acts as a “vasodilator,” – which means it lets more blood flow through your veins. And since the hardness and length of your erection depend on how much blood is flowing through your penis, testosterone is a necessary ingredient to throbbing erections that make you feel like a barbarian.

It also determines how much time you need to “recover” after sex before you’re ready for sex again.

Plus, testosterone is also the “desire” hormone. It’s what makes you get excited about sex and feel desire toward women.

In fact:

Testosterone even makes sex more satisfying for both you and your partner. The testosterone in your semen triggers a spike in endorphin and oxytocin levels in your partner’s brain. Those are the “feel good” chemicals.

So when you have sex with your wife, the testosterone in your semen is the reason she wants to cuddle afterward!

You can see why testosterone is called the “man” hormone. It’s what makes us men from before we’re even born.

But Here’s the Bad News:

You Hit Your Peak Testosterone Levels in Your Late 20s.

Around the time you turn 30, that testosterone starts to drop. And doctors say that’s normal.

It drops slowly at first, but by the time you reach 40, your testosterone will have dropped between 10% and 15%.

By the time you reach 50, your testosterone drops by over 30%.

And that’s just the average numbers.

If you’ve been feeling the effects I’ve mentioned already, chances are you’re looking at a much more dangerous drop…

It’s likely you’re operating with HALF the testosterone you had as a younger man.

Now, what causes that drop?

Most doctors will tell you it’s a side effect of aging.

But One Doctor in Australia Set Out to Prove That Your Testosterone Does NOT Have to Decrease as You Age.

He tested 325 men, ranging in age from 40 to 97. He tested their testosterone levels at three different times to measure how much they had changed.

The amazing thing he found was… it didn’t.

Whether they were 40 or 97, their testosterone levels didn’t decline.

You might be wondering, doesn’t that fly in the face of everything I just said?

Doesn’t your testosterone decrease 10-15% by the time you’re 40 and up to 50% by the time you’re 50?

Well, when you average the entire population together, that’s true.

But here’s the thing…

Too much of the “entire population” is suffering from this Silent Male Plague.

Now, the men in this Australian study were all in excellent health.

Despite the worldwide population’s testosterone dropping every year, they’d found 325 men whose testosterone was continuing strong.

The mainstream health world doesn’t like it when doctors rock the boat. So they ignored this study, not bothering to look at how life-changing it could be.

What it means is…

Declining testosterone is NOT inevitable.

It’s NOT “just part of getting older.”

So how do you stop your testosterone from declining and rescue your sex life?

It starts with a miracle herb from the Bible Christmas story of the Three Wise Men’s gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Did you ever wonder why frankincense was as valuable as gold?

Well, now you know…

It’s because frankincense protects everything that makes you a man.

And in ancient times, if you weren’t tough, motivated, and sexually strong…

…Then you were useless.

Frankincense Is the Extract of Boswellia Tree Resin – a Tree That’s Native to Israel and Oman.

It supports healthy testosterone in two ways:


It helps support your body’s natural DETOXIFICATION process.

A major reason for lowered testosterone is the toxins in your food, water, and all around you.

But one study from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences — a leader in the development of natural remedies — discovered a revolutionary way to protect yourself from these toxins. They found that…

When common pesticides in our food damage our testosterone levels, taking Boswellia extract helps your body protect against those effects.

So Boswellia extract protects you from the toxins in today’s world.

Here’s the 2nd way it helps support healthy testosterone levels:


Boswellia extract helps maintain a non-inflamed state in your cells.

Since inflammation contributes to declining testosterone, taking control of your inflammation helps protect your testosterone.

Doctors at the University of Padova in Italy discovered that Boswellia extract helps protect your body from the effects of inflammation, like declining testosterone.

It works by increasing your levels of “tight junction proteins.” These hold your cells together and keep problems that pop up in one location from spreading.

Boswellia extract boosts your tight junction proteins, limiting the damage that inflammation can do to your testosterone levels.

This healthy, non-inflamed state helps protect your testosterone levels.

Now, Boswellia Extract On Its Own Will Help You Recover from the Silent Male Plague and Strengthen Your Sexual Health.

But as you already know, I’m not satisfied unless I’m getting you the best health solutions possible.

So I did more research until I’d put together a list of…

Four herbs that Supercharge the effects of Boswellia extract.


It’s the root of a bell-shaped flower that’s native to India. Medical studies show that Ashwagandha supports healthy testosterone, increases muscle growth, and decreases stress!

Tongkat Ali

From the jungles of Malaysia. Tongkat Ali breaks down the “feminine” hormones in your body, like progesterone, and metabolizes them into testosterone, restoring your masculine drive.


A mineral paste that’s found naturally in the Himalayan mountains. Shilajit naturally lowers your free radicals, which boosts testosterone levels.

Korean Red Ginseng

When you steam and dry the root of the ginseng plant, you get red ginseng. Medical studies found that it helps with stronger, longer-lasting erections and amps up your sex drive.

Together with Boswellia Extract, These 4 Ingredients Help You to Conquer the Silent Male Plague, Avoid the So-Called “Normal Sexual Decline,” and…

Take Back Your Manhood.

Now, I don’t expect you to fly all around the world to find these ingredients in their natural sources.

That’s why I worked with the team here at Zenith Labs® to formulate the perfect way to find all 5 of these testosterone superchargers…

We carefully designed a supplement to provide the perfect ratios of these ingredients from the purest sources.

It’s called…

Barbarian XL®.

Because you’ll quickly feel like a Barbarian, full of masculine sexual energy and vigor, and taking charge of your life.

If the woman in your life has been disappointed and missing the old you, wait until she sees the new Barbarian in you.

You’ll see that look of lust and admiration in her eyes, and you’ll know for a fact that she’ll never want anyone but you.

It’s specially designed for men over 45 who’ve tried everything they can think of to fight so-called “normal sexual decline” but still feel like they’re losing their manhood.

And because it’s formulated and manufactured by Zenith Labs®, you already know it comes with the highest safety and purity ratings.

Plus, it comes with a…

6-month, “even-if-the-bottles-are-empty,” money-back guarantee.

We’re so confident that Barbarian XL® will turn your life around that if for any reason you decide you’re not satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll refund your purchase 100%...
Even if you’ve already used it all.

Support healthy testosterone levels and reclaim your manhood today.

Try Barbarian XL® now for a steep discount off the regular price.

It’s a “thank you” for letting me show you about the Silent Male Plague, so it’s available on this page only.

Look below to see the discount you’ve earned.

Then click the amount you want, and start taking back your manhood today.

To your health,

Dr. Ryan Shelton

Medical Director, Zenith Labs®

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