“Silent Male Plague” Damages the Sexual Performance of American Men over 45…

I yanked the pillow over my ears but still couldn’t sleep. The groans and cries of pleasure were just too loud! Since I was visiting my 70-year-old uncle in his retirement village in the country of Oman…

I never expected to hear such passionate lovemaking coming through the walls from couples that were 50, 60, or even 70 year olds!

Especially when I realized we were in a Middle Eastern country without a pharmacy on every corner.

I looked over at my wife, who crossed her arms and glared at me. She asked me what I was already worried about:

“Why can’t YOU perform like that?”

My cheeks burned with humiliation. Why couldn’t I?

I was only 48 for crying out loud!

If I didn’t find the answer, I knew my sexual frustrations would shatter and destroy my marriage.

Of course, that was before I learned about…

The Silent Male Plague that hurts the sexual performance of virtually every man over 45 in the U.S.

Way back in 1996, the EPA issued a warning that you probably never heard: this plague was damaging men’s reproductive systems. But western medicine ignored it, and today, over 20 years later, doctors are still ignoring it.1

You’re probably asking: How could they ignore something so dangerous?

The reason why will make you furious:

Doctors think it’s “normal” because it’s so common.

And in one way, they’re right…

The average American family is exposed to this plague 401 times every year!2

But while it may be common, it’s NOT natural.

Your sexual frustrations are NOT “just part of getting older,” no matter what your doctor says.

They come from the Silent Male Plague that has infected your cells.

Your doctor has no idea that across the ocean…

This Oman retirement village is IMMUNE to the Silent Male Plague, thanks to…

A Biblical remedy that fights this so-called “natural” sexual decline…

The remedy also protects against and restores the other damage from this plague, including…

  • Barely having enough energy to wake up and make coffee…
  • Watching the clock all day at work because you can’t drum up the motivation to get anything done, and…
  • Extra fat clinging to your gut, making you self-conscious every time you look in the mirror.

The remedy comes from a place you’d never expect…
…one of your favorite Christmas stories from the Bible.

I couldn’t believe the answer to my bedroom frustrations was hiding in the Bible on my nightstand this whole time.

But what I really didn’t see coming was…

Medical labs at Ohio State University, and other top research facilities, have scientifically shown that these ingredients protect men over 45 against this silent plague.3

I should also be honest and tell you right up front that…

That night in Oman, I needed this remedy more than anybody.

I felt fat, sluggish, and unmotivated all the time. My wife mourned for the old me. She didn’t even know this new person I’d become.

Most embarrassing of all, my performance in the bedroom was getting worse and worse.

Sometimes I even had trouble getting and staying “in the mood.”

I felt weak and hopeless because I thought it happens to every guy who gets older, and it was pointless to fight it.

I was wrong.

What I discovered that night in Oman was the first clue to the mystery that restored my manhood.

So if you’re fed up with…

Feeling guilty when you see the doubt in your wife’s eyes as she wonders why she’s not sexy enough to get you “in the mood…”

Starving yourself only to watch your beer gut continue to grow…

Coming home from work and plopping straight onto the couch because you’re so exhausted both mentally and physically, or…

Worrying that each and every day you become less of a man…

Then I’m confident this Biblical remedy used in Oman could be the missing key to restore YOUR sexual confidence and put that spring back in your step.

That’s what happened with Andrew S., aged 66,
who wrote me to say:

“My life was so busy I almost didn’t notice my deteriorating health creeping up on me. But I knew I had to do something about my health issues. Now that I’ve tried this Biblical ‘gift,’ my partner has ‘exclaimed’ a number of vital improvements in the bedroom. My partner is genuinely delighted. This has made a marked improvement to the quality of my life.”

And with Charles B., aged 44, who told me:

“I had ‘performance anxiety’ and worried my sex life was over. I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t know how to reverse things. When I saw this presentation, I had my doubts, but I figured I would take a chance and see.

I’m glad I did! I now have energy for not only doing my job outside the home, but at home as well. I don’t worry anymore about whether or not I’m able to satisfy my wife – I always know I can.

I have more pep in my step when it comes to just being in public, and a ton more confidence. So much confidence, in fact, that younger woman (in her early 20s) winked at me in the gym! Nothing like that had ever happened before I found this presentation.

That’s why I tell others to try this. You’ll wish you had tried it sooner.”

Also, Harold Nunez, aged 68, who said:

Before using Barbarian XL® I was feeling sluggish, tired and my sexual drive was very low. I had no desire to workout and felt frustrated. I didn’t want to hang out with family or friends, and I gained weight.

I saw the ad for Barbarian XL® and after reading the comments I thought to myself “what the heck, I try everything else, and if it doesn’t work I will return it”.

Since using this product it has given me stamina, energy, I feel more alive and it has boosted my testosterone level. I checked with my doctor, he tested me and found that my testosterone level increased. I am back at the gym, riding my bike, I’m more involved with work and clients and with our community church. I also enjoy going out to events with my wife. In bed we are like teenager’s again. It’s awesome!

Being 68 years old and a veteran who served in the Vietnam war it makes me feel like I’m in my early 40’s and I feel good. I just want to say “Thank You Barbarian XL®”.

So stay with me for the next few minutes, and I’ll…

Tell you the story of how this Silent Male Plague turned me into a wimp who almost got my ass kicked (even though my doctors told me it was “just part of getting older”)…
And how that plague almost destroyed my sex drive and my marriage…
Until my confidence and manhood were rescued by this ancient Oman Biblical remedy (which I’ll show you each ingredient and explain how they all work)…
Plus, you’ll see the scientific proof behind it all and the Bible Christmas story that revealed these ingredients over 2000 years ago.
And, I’ll even show you a simple method to test whether the Silent Male Plague is infecting YOU.

Because-and it’s vital that you understand this-it’s NOT your fault.

If you’ve suffered and been embarrassed by these issues…

Or even if you’ve already tried everything you can think of to deal with them…

It’s not your fault that you’ve been stuck.

This plague has kept you trapped, no matter what you’ve tried.

Once you know the truth about the ancient Oman Biblical remedy, you’ll hold the key to feeling like a real man again.

But first, let me explain the humiliating story of how I ended up in Oman in the first place.

“My name is Jack Thompson. I’m now 54 years old.”

When my wife Sarah and I were young, our sex life was amazing. We were like newlyweds the entire first 15 years of our marriage.

Really, my whole life was amazing. I saw what I wanted and I went after it. Nothing could stop me.

That’s how I married Sarah, and it’s how I got a great job at an insurance company.

But the year I turned 48, everything took a turn for the worse.

I had less energy. I couldn’t get motivated about work.

My beer gut grew, and my hairline shrunk. I used to be proud of my body, and I’d still catch my wife sneaking looks at me. Now I felt embarrassed every time she looked at my fat stomach and my balding head.

Worst of all, my sexual performance started downhill.

My erections just weren’t as strong as they used to be.

Talk about not feeling like a man.

And I just didn’t get turned on like I used to. Used to be, if my wife just wore tight jeans, I’d feel that excitement stir in my manhood. But now, I just didn’t get excited about sex like I used to.

It scared me. You don’t go from craving your wife’s body three times a day to feeling dead down there without there being something wrong.

And you can imagine what that did to my wife’s self-esteem. She thought that I must not love her or must not find her attractive. I was failing at my duty as a husband to make her feel loved.

It all came to a head two years ago in December. That was when I hit the most embarrassing, most humiliating day of my life.

Now, I’m going to share this with you because, in the end, it could help you. But I’ll warn you, it’s a humiliating story, and I’m ashamed of it.

It started the same as most of my days back then:

I groaned as my alarm went off. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a good night’s sleep.

As my wife and I got ready for the day, my muscles ached, and my bones creaked.

I took a deep breath and got ready for another day at the office. I used to love my work, but recently I’d felt drained all the time. Work didn’t motivate me anymore. Nothing did.

As my wife kissed me goodbye, she whispered in my ear, “I bought something see-through to wear tonight.”

Ten years earlier, that would have sent a bolt of lightning straight to my groin.

Not anymore.

I didn’t feel the desire I used to. But I was still a man, I told myself. We hadn’t had sex in a while, and I hadn’t been performing like I used to, but I would still enjoy tonight.

Besides, my boss was giving out Christmas bonuses today. I’d be able to afford the European vacation that my wife wanted. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell her.

If I’d only known how terrible it would go.

My boss called me into his office right after lunch.

He’s a younger guy, probably around 30. The sort of guy who walked in on his first day thinking he already knew everything and who was gunning for upper management.

He smirked and said…

“I expected more from you this year. You’ve got 15 years more experience than most of these guys. But they’re all showing you up.”

I’d been moving slowly, thinking slowly, all because I felt tired all the time. My muscles felt sore and my bones ached. Hell, I got excited about naps the way I used to get excited about sex.

I looked at my bonus check, and it was barely enough to pay for a plane ticket.

So much for surprising my wife with that big vacation.

I drove home that night, furious at myself for blowing it… even though I still didn’t know how to fix anything.

I used to have the energy to get things done. I used to be motivated and excited to get on top in life. But now I felt tired and lacked motivation.

I was a failure.

If only I’d known things were about to get even worse…

Here’s what happened:

We were sitting watching TV when there was a knock at the door.

I opened it up to see a young man, maybe 20 or 25. And let me tell you, right away, I could tell he was a little punk.

You know the type…

Spiked, glistening, gelled hair…

Acts tough but couldn’t put in a hard day’s work if his life depended on it…

So he makes his living pestering people into buying what he’s selling.

This time he was hocking home security systems, which we didn’t need.

When I said “No thanks,” the punk stuck his foot in the door and said…

“You don’t really think you can protect your home yourself, do you?
I mean, look at you.”

He pointed up and down my body, at my sagging beer gut and thinning hair.

I was so furious I couldn’t speak.

But my wife gave him a piece of her mind. “Get off our porch,” she ordered.

“Whatever, ugly bitch.”

My wife gasped.

I was stunned.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” my wife hissed at me.

But I just stood there.

The punk laughed and said, “you’re pathetic.”

I felt pathetic.

He walked away, and my wife went back inside.

Why hadn’t I said anything? I’m not a violent man, but ten years ago, if someone said something like that to my wife, I’d have put him in his place!

But now I just stood there like a little wimp.

What had happened to me?

I was ashamed of my gut and thinning hair, but this was more than that.

Why did I feel like half the man I used to be?

As humiliating as it was, my night was about to get even worse…

I was getting ready for bed, and my wife stepped out of the bathroom in a lacy little negligee.

This romantic night was supposed to celebrate my bonus and our trip to Europe.

Now it would be my wife trying to cheer me up.

But I still decided to try.

I should have known better.

Like I already mentioned, my sexual performance had already been declining. My doctor said it was just part of getting older. It started with needing to wait longer between sessions. Then it felt like my erections weren’t as hard as they used to be.

So my wife found the sexiest lingerie she could and decided tonight she would get me excited no matter what.

My wife stretched out on the bed and pulled me on top of her.

And then I had the most humiliating ending to the most humiliating day.

I couldn’t “satisfy” my wife.

After an hour of trying, my wife got tired of saying, “it’s okay, it’s normal; it happens to lots of guys.”

In fact, she thought it was her fault. “Don’t you think I’m sexy anymore?” she cried.

Of course I did!

Why couldn’t I prove it?

She went into the other room and cried. She’d banked on this night to feel sexy again, and I’d failed her.

It was my duty to help my wife feel beautiful, but my failure as a man stabbed her right through the heart.

I sat on my bed and wanted to cry myself.

I wasn’t the man she married.

I didn’t feel like a man at all.

I was failing at work.

I couldn’t protect my wife.

I couldn’t even make love to my wife.

I used to be a real man. I used to get out there and take on the world, take what’s mine, and make my wife feel like a sexual goddess.

Now I was a timid little wimp.

And I had no idea how to escape.

I was afraid my wife would leave me. I thought maybe she should.

I wondered how long it would be before my wife cheated on me. I felt like I deserved it.

I was embarrassed that I couldn’t fix it no matter what I tried.

Worst of all, since my doctor said this was all part of getting older, I was terrified this was how I’d be stuck for the rest of my life.

I thank God every day that I found the way out.

It wasn’t long after that night when my uncle Chuck called me.

Chuck was a wildlife photographer, so he’s spent his life traveling to the most remote, isolated corners of the world in order to get the perfect shot of eagles, lions, elephants… just about any animal you could think of.

Now that he was past 70, I knew he’d settled down somewhere in a country called Oman.

When he heard about my failed Europe plans, he offered to let us stay with him.

I didn’t even know where Oman was, but flights were cheap and we needed to get away for a while. Turns out it’s on the Arabian Sea, on the edge of the area we call the Middle East. There’s not much rain, but air currents over the sea bring enough moisture to make Oman an oasis surrounded by desert.

We booked the tickets, and… well, you already know the rest.

We found Chuck’s village, ready to try to relax.

We had a fantastic dinner and chatted with my uncle until late at night about how we’d spend the next week.

But when we went to bed…

We couldn’t get any sleep, with the loud, passionate moans and groans coming through the walls… and this was at a retirement village!

So the next day, at lunch, I told Chuck about my problems and asked him what was going on.

Even while sitting there, I saw guys as old as Chuck with more energy and enthusiasm than I’d felt in years!

Three men who had to be over sixty were building a shed out of stones, and another group was chasing a soccer ball around a
field like a bunch of little kids!

These were the kind of guys who looked you in the eye
when they shook your hand. The kind of man I used to be.

The kind of man my uncle Chuck still was. He was 20 years
older than me, and he had the energy, enthusiasm, and
manliness that I’d lost. He obviously knew something
I didn’t.

“Your problems are NOT just part of getting older,” he said. “No matter what your doctor says.”

“Look at me… I’m 74, and I’ve got plenty of energy, I enjoy life, and my sex life is just fine.”

“But I’ll tell you what it is.”

“Everything you’ve said is a symptom of what we like to call a Silent Male Plague that’s infecting nearly every American man over 45.

“It’s this same plague that’s causing your bedroom problems, low energy problems, and motivation problems.”

“It’s infected so many men that most doctors think it’s just part of getting older.”

“But it’s not, and ignoring it will make your problems get even worse.”

“And that’s not even all the damage this plague causes.”

“It’s also responsible for…

  • Extra fat packed onto your gut…
  • Your hair falling out and leaving you bald and embarrassed…
  • Muscles shrinking, making you look scrawny…
  • Getting irritable, pushing away the people you love…
  • Forgetting simple things like names or appointments…
  • Crippling back pain…
  • And it can even make sleep apnea worse.

“Plus, it puts you at higher risk for heart concerns, and it can raise your cholesterol, so your doctor lectures you about your LDL/HDL ratios and gets on your case to eat more rabbit food. It may even raise your risk of memory decline.

“So doctors are ignoring an epidemic that literally affects every single man?” I asked, a little skeptical. “Are you sure it’s not just part of getting older?”

“Believe it,” said Chuck. “Look around you. These issues aren’t guaranteed. Otherwise, how are these folks so healthy? Almost no one in Oman deals with any of those problems.”

He was right. In the week my wife and I had been here, we hadn’t seen one bald head or flabby gut. Everyone – from the youngest to the oldest – moved around spryly like a teenager. They spoke with excitement and enthusiasm, and they laughed more.

There was always some sort of activity. Some of the men chopped wood – guys that had to be close to 70 – while others kicked a soccer ball around.

Not to mention the wild amounts of passionate sex I heard going on at night.

I couldn’t argue with Chuck… There was definitely something going on here.

“Okay, I give,” I said. “Tell me the secret.”

“If I do,” he said, “you have to promise to try it out yourself.”

I agreed. What did I have to lose?

Chuck cleared his throat and explained the Silent Male Plague behind my problems:

“Here’s what’s causing your low energy, low motivation, and decreased sexual function…

Your testosterone levels decline as you age.

Doctors say it’s because you age, but the truth is that there’s something else causing it.

You probably know that testosterone is the “man” hormone, but it’s responsible for much more than a deep voice and hair on your chest.

When you were a teenager, your body started puberty by amping up the production of testosterone.

It was responsible for muscle growth and growing your beard. It’s even responsible for other attributes we call “manly,” like broader shoulders and your Adam’s apple.

As you became a man, testosterone became even more important.

First of all, it keeps the hair on your head… on your head.

It helps grow and maintain lean muscle mass. If you’ve ever flexed in front of a mirror, that’s thanks to testosterone.

It’s also the key ingredient of confidence. You know that deep swell of pride you used to get when a beautiful woman would flirt with you, when you won any kind of competition, or when you accomplished a tough goal? That feeling comes from an increase of testosterone in your body.

Not to mention, testosterone helps keeps you healthy in all sorts of ways.

It contributes to deep, restoring sleep. When you wake up refreshed and energized, you can bet there’s testosterone coursing through your body.

And decreased testosterone has been linked to heart concerns, rising cholesterol, memory decline, and even worsened sleep problems.

Of course, what most people know about testosterone is its role in sex.

Testosterone is responsible for normal sperm production. You need it to help make sure you’re not “firing blanks.”

It also contributes to the strength of erections. It acts as a “vasodilator” – that means it lets more blood flow through your veins. And since the hardness and length of your erection depend on how much blood is flowing through your penis, testosterone is a necessary ingredient to throbbing erections that make you feel like a barbarian.

It also determines how much time you need to “recover” after sex before you’re ready for sex again.

Plus, testosterone is also the “desire” hormone. It’s what makes you get excited about sex and feel desire toward women.

Here’s how to tell if YOU are infected with the Silent Male Plague of declining testosterone:

Do you feel less desire for sex than you used to?

If so, that’s a big red flag that you’re infected, just like most American men over 45.

This is especially devastating because…

Testosterone even makes sex more satisfying for both you and your partner. The testosterone in your semen triggers a spike in endorphin and oxytocin levels in your partner’s brain. Those are the “feel good” chemicals.

So when you have sex with your wife, the testosterone in your semen is the reason she wants to cuddle afterward!

Not to mention the reason women can fall so deeply in love with men after sex.

You can see why testosterone is called the “man” hormone. It’s what makes us men from before we’re even born.

To recap…


  • Grows muscle…
  • Fuels confidence…
  • Protects you from health issues, and…
  • Gives you an amazing sex life.

But here’s the bad news:

You hit your peak testosterone levels in your late 20s.

Around the time you turn 30, that testosterone starts to drop. And doctors say that’s normal.

It drops slowly at first, but by the time you reach 40, your testosterone will have dropped between 10% and 15%.

By the time you reach 50, your testosterone drops by over 30%.

And that’s just the average numbers.

If you’ve been feeling the effects I’ve mentioned already, chances are you’re looking at a much more dangerous drop…

You’re likely operating with HALF the testosterone you had as a younger man.

Now, what causes that drop?

Most doctors will tell you it’s a side effect of aging.

But one doctor in Australia set out to prove that your testosterone does NOT have to decrease as your age.4

He tested 325 men, ranging in age from 40 to 97. He tested their testosterone levels at three different times, to measure how much they had changed.

The amazing thing he found was… it didn’t.

Whether they were 40 or 97, their testosterone levels didn’t decline.

You might be wondering, doesn’t that fly in the face of everything I just said?

Doesn’t your testosterone decrease 10-15% by the time you’re 40 and up to 50% by the time you’re 50?

Well, when you average the entire population together, that’s true.

But here’s the thing…

Too much of the “entire population” suffers from this Silent Male Plague.

Now, the men in this Australian study were all in excellent health.

Despite the worldwide population’s testosterone dropping every year, they’d found 325 men whose testosterone was continuing strong.

The mainstream health world doesn’t like it when doctors rock the boat. So they ignored this study, not bothering to look at how life-changing it could be.

What it means is…

Declining testosterone is NOT inevitable.

It’s NOT “just part of getting older.”

Because everyone gets older…

…but, not everyone has declining testosterone.

So you have to ask yourself...

What is making my testosterone decline?

The truth is even more disturbing than I imagined:

Environmental Toxins

I’m talking about a specific type of toxin called an Endocrine Disruptor.

These chemicals mimic the “messenger compounds” in your body, so your cells think they’re real messengers.

Endocrine Disruptors send fake messengers to your body and disrupt our body’s most important systems…

Growth, sleep, metabolism, sex, and plenty more.

These Endocrine Disruptors get into your body and make it almost impossible to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

And they’re everywhere.

The EPA has identified nearly 100,000 man-made Endocrine Disrupters.5

They’re in your water, in the food on the grocery store shelves, in the pesticides that get sprayed on your fruit and veggies, in the plastic containers in your fridge… even in your shaving cream!

That’s why it feels hopeless to try to overcome your bedroom issues, or fix any of the other effects of low testosterone… the constant barrage of Endocrine Disrupters is wreaking havoc on your testosterone levels.

So the biggest question is:

What can you do about it?

  • Avoid them where you can, and…
  • Fortify your body’s testosterone levels to protect against them.

I’m not going to tell you to stop shopping at grocery stores and start your own farm. It’s impossible to avoid every Endocrine Disrupter out there.

But you can avoid the most damaging, most common ones.

It’s actually more simple than you’d think.

The first way to avoid Endocrine Disruptors and protect your testosterone levels is to…

Stop drinking bottled water.

The plastic bottles contain one of the worst Endocrine Disrupters around—Bisphenol A.6

It seeps and bleeds into the water, and when you take a refreshing drink, it poisons your body, lowering testosterone.

It’s not surprising when you think about it. In 2016, Americans drank 50 Billion bottles of water.2

So it’s no wonder doctors think it’s normal for your testosterone to decline.

There are 50 billion bottles every year leaking Bisphenol A into your drinking water.

So just avoiding bottled water will help you avoid one of the worst Endocrine Disruptors, and take a big step toward protecting your testosterone levels.

But you’ve still got to fortify yourself against the other 99,999 Endocrine Disruptors.

So the question becomes:

If cutting out Bisphenol A is only the first step, what else am I supposed to do?

How do I keep my testosterone from declining?

“Well,” I asked Chuck, “how do I? How do I save my marriage? How do I feel like a man again?”

Chuck paused and then said,

“It starts with a Bible Christmas story.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“Oman men have used a certain herb for thousands of years. This miracle herb protects against sexual decline, low energy, low motivation, and all sorts of health issues.”

“You’ve probably never seen it, but I guarantee you’ve heard of it:”

This “miracle” herb is called frankincense.

Yes, like the 3 Wise Men’s gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.




Did you ever wonder why frankincense was considered as valuable as gold?

Well, now you know. It’s because frankincense protects everything that makes you a man.

And in ancient times, if you weren’t tough, motivated, and sexually strong… then you were useless.

Chuck went on to explain the scientific proof about frankincense to me:

As it turns out,

It’s the extract of Boswellia tree resin - a tree native to Israel and Oman.

It supports healthy testosterone in two ways:


It helps support your body’s natural detoxification process.

Like I already mentioned, one of the reasons for lowered testosterone is the toxins in your food, water, and all around you.

But one study from the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences—a leader in the development of natural remedies—discovered a revolutionary way to protect yourself from these toxins. They found that…

When common pesticides in our food damage our testosterone levels, taking Boswellia extract helps your body protect against those effects.7

So Boswellia extract protects you from the toxins in today’s world.

And here’s the 2nd way it helps support healthy testosterone levels:


Boswellia extract also helps maintain a non-inflamed state in your cells.

Since inflammation contributes to declining testosterone, taking control of your inflammation helps protect your testosterone.

Doctors at the University of Padova in Italy discovered that Boswellia extract helps protect your body from the effects of inflammation, like declining testosterone.8

It works by increasing your levels of “tight junction proteins.” These hold your cells together and keep problems that pop up in one location from spreading.

Boswellia extract boosts your tight junction proteins, limiting the damage that inflammation can do to your testosterone levels.

Plus, a survey of research by the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that Boswellia extract helps avoid inflammation and its side effects altogether.3

It inhibits the two enzymes responsible for out-of-control inflammation, 5-lipoxygenase, and human leukocyte elastase. Boswellia extract reduces these enzymes, helping support a healthy, non-inflamed state in your cells.

And that healthy, non-inflamed state helps protect your testosterone levels.

“That’s why Boswellia root is so great for testosterone,” said Chuck. “It helps your body protect itself against toxins and inflammation.”

“And when that happens, it helps you avoid all the downsides of declining testosterone.”

“That’s what you want me to try?” I asked.


After my wife and I headed home, I added Boswellia extract to my diet.

It didn’t take long to start feeling a difference.

I felt more energy during the day and more motivation. My boss thanked me for “putting in more effort.”

I felt better, but honestly, I didn’t quite feel like my old self yet.

I had more energy, but not as much as I had a younger man, and not as much as I needed to take back control of my life. The same for my motivation.

And in the bedroom, there was some improvement, but only a little. I didn’t exactly satisfy my wife the way I used to.

I almost left it at that.

At least things were a little better. That’s more than most guys get. Most guys are stuck dealing with all the effects of declining testosterone.

But my relationship with my wife was still hurting… Not just because of the bedroom issues, but because I still wasn’t the confident, motivated man she married.

So I called Chuck and told him what was going on.

“What else can I do?” I asked.

“Boswellia extract by itself is only enough for some people.”

“It’s enough for people in Oman because they’re not exposed to as many toxins as you are in the U.S. Now that you’re back in America, your testosterone needs a bigger boost.”

“Fortunately, there are several other herbs that supercharge the effects of Boswellia extract.”

“I found them as I traveled the world as a wildlife photographer, waiting in jungles or deserts for hours or even days for the perfect shot. The locals showed me which herbs to use for energy, motivation, and my sexual health.”

“Over the years, I developed my own personal combination of these testosterone-boosting ingredients.”

“That’s how I’ve been able to keep enjoying an exciting life and sex life, despite my age.”

Chuck gave me a list of 4 herbs that supercharge the effects of Boswellia extract.

And he helped me find where to get them. Some are so rare that I had to get them from overseas.

Here’s what they are:

The first comes from a plant known as “Ringing Bell Flower,” “Winter Cherry,” or…

#1. Ashwagandha

Its flowers are shaped like a bell with the fruit in the
middle like a ringer. But it’s the root of this flower that
will help you feel like a man again.

It’s native to the mountains and valleys of India, where
it’s been used for centuries to support healthy testosterone
and inflammation levels.

Here’s the fascinating part: Ashwagandha means “the smell of horse.” It’s thought to give men the strength and virility of a Clydesdale!

Imagine feeling as powerful as a literal workhorse!

In one study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers studied the effects of Ashwagandha on 57 men.9

They gave half a placebo and half real Ashwagandha and put them all through the same simple strength training program.

After 8 weeks, the placebo group could press 57 more pounds than when they started. But the Ashwagandha group pressed 101 more pounds!

Ashwagandha helped them lift an extra 44 pounds!

The Ashwagandha group also increased their bicep size 62% more than the placebo group, and their chest size over 225% more!

I know I wouldn’t mind the attention women give men with more impressive pecs and biceps.

Those numbers all make sense when you see that while the placebo group increased their testosterone levels by 18 ng/dL, the Ashwagandha group increased their testosterone levels by 96 ng/dL!

In other words...

Ashwagandha improved their testosterone levels by 533%!9

Another study at C.S.M Medical University in India—one of the top medical schools in the world—gave Ashwagandha to 60 men every day for 3 months.

At the end of the study, their testosterone levels had increased between 10% and 22%.

Not only that, but it decreased Cortisol by 48%.10

Why does that matter?

Because Cortisol is the stress hormone. More Cortisol means a faster heart rate, sweaty palms, and worry and anxiety about work, relationships, your sex life… about everything.

Sound familiar?

That’s because those are the same frustrating anxieties you get from declining testosterone.

So Ashwagandha helps you feel more relaxed.

And on top of that, your body can only do so many things at once. If it’s producing Cortisol, it can’t produce testosterone. So lowering Cortisol production frees up your body’s “factories” to produce more testosterone.

The next supercharger Chuck told me about is called…

#2. Tongkat Ali

It’s an herb that grows in the Jungles of Malaysia. It’s also
called Long Jack.

Tongkat Ali helps support testosterone levels. And it has NO rebound effect.

Does it really help?

In 2012, a study published in the International Journal of Andrology tested a group of 76 men, and found that 35% had healthy testosterone levels.11

They then gave those men Tongkat Ali for 30 days and tested them again.

After Tongkat Ali, 91% of the men had normal testosterone levels!

It works thanks to amino acid chains called “eurypeptides.” These metabolize hormones in your body like pregnenolone and progesterone into testosterone, restoring your masculine drive.

In fact, researchers published in the medical journal Pharmacology Reviews found that the eurypeptides inside Tongkat Ali “contribute to its remedial properties, including increased muscle strength, endurance, and reduced anxiety and stress.”12

Here’s the bad news:

Tongkat Ali is especially hard to find – or at least hard to find high quality. It only grows in thick jungles but also only in dry soil. Obviously, jungles are humid and wet. That means you can only find it on well-drained jungle hillsides.

Tongkat Ali is tough to get your hands on, to say the least.

Thankfully, Chuck pointed me to a source where I could get high-quality Tongkat Ali. I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Next up is a natural paste discovered high on Mt. Everest and used by the native Sherpas to stay energized, alert, and focused while they guide the tourist hikers along treacherous, icy mountain paths.

It’s called…

#3. Shilajit also known as “Blood of the Mountain”

Found on Mt. Everest and throughout the Himalayas, it’s a paste full of 82 different minerals that's found on the sides of rocks.

Shilajit works wonders for supporting healthy levels of testosterone. It supports a stronger libido too.

It works by naturally lowering free radicals and boosting testosterone levels.

In a recent study in the medical journal Andrologia…

Doctors discovered that Shilajit increased the testosterone levels of 60 men by a full 23.5% in just 90 days!13

In fact, once the government of India heard about this, they wanted to know whether Shilajit would be a valuable testosterone booster for their military.

They backed their own study on 96 healthy men and discovered that Shilajit raised their testosterone levels by over 20%!14

Fair warning - it increases sperm count too, so if another baby is not in the cards, make sure you’re protected.

Last but not least is something straight out of a fantasy movie.

Or it’d be better to say that fantasy movies are based on this supercharger.

It’s called…

#4. Korean Red

And this is a living, screaming “Mandrake” plant baby from Harry Potter.

See where J.K. Rowling got the idea?

The Red Ginseng root didn’t just inspire imaginary magic…

…it can also work some real magic in your life.

Now, “red ginseng” is the ginseng root that has been steamed and dried.

It’s not clear how Red Ginseng supports rock-solid erections, but it does - and it does it well.

One study in the Journal of Urology tested Red Ginseng on 45 men for 8 weeks, comparing it to a placebo.15

They measured results using a scale called the Mean International Index of Erectile Function (or the IIEF). This measures erections in practical terms… how well your erection can penetrate during sex and how long you can maintain penetration.

They discovered that those who took Red Ginseng improved their IIEF score from an average of 30.8 all the way to 39.1.

That means their erections improved by over 25%!

And researchers at the Yonsei University College of Medicine in South Korea confirmed these results.17

They tested Red Ginseng on 69 men and again showed that it helped achieve stronger erections.

Even more interesting...

They also discovered that Red Ginseng amps up your sex drive… you feel turned on more often and more intensely.

So after Chuck told me about all 4 of these superchargers and where to get the highest quality possible, I added these to my diet.

Now, I’ve already told you how Boswellia extract by itself made a major impact in my life, but how I was still missing the days when I felt like a real man.

Let me tell you, it didn’t take long for these 4 superchargers to kick in.

I started waking up full of vim and vigor for the day… and that energy stuck with me all day long.

Even better, my motivation and enthusiasm for work, my hobbies, and my family came back stronger than ever.

I didn’t even realize how down in the dumps I’d been. I thought that feeling down and a little sluggish was just normal.

But once I escaped it, I remembered how great it feels to feel great!

And with my testosterone levels staying healthy, it gave me an extra boost to help shrink my beer gut.

I can’t tell you how great it felt walking around without my stomach sticking over my belt.

Not to mention, my hair stopped thinning.

And here’s another little bonus surprise I noticed...

I noticed women sneaking glances at me more often.

It was like some animalistic nature began radiating out of my body, naturally.

But what happened next was the best part yet.

My boss called me into his office.

“We don’t usually do this, but I’ve noticed the big change in your work recently. Whatever it is, you’re a real asset to this company. More than I can say about some of these younger kids.”

My boss gave me a bonus in the middle of the year!

I came home feeling confident and more like a man than I had in years.

My wife asked me why I looked so happy.

I started to explain it to her, but as I looked at the woman I loved, lust and desire for her erupted inside me.

It started with that little spark in my groin that I thought was gone with my youth.

It felt like I was a teenager again, noticing girls for the first time.

My rock-hard erection just about burst out of my pants.

I grabbed my wife and carried her—yes, I carried her—to our bed, and we had the best sex of our lives.

After that, our sex life returned to how it was in our 20s. Better, even.

I felt like a man again.

Who would have thought these so-called “normal effects of aging” aren’t necessarily effects of aging? They’re effects of declining testosterone.

I had felt and acted like a wimp because my testosterone was declining, just like every other man over 45.

And who’d have thought these 5 ingredients that support healthy testosterone levels could give me back my manhood?

I’m finally a man again.

End of story?

No, it’s just the beginning of the story - for you.

Whether you just struggle with stage fright now and again, or it’s a full-time thing…

It’s NOT your fault.

I know how frightening it is to wonder why you’re not the “sexual rockstar” you once were…

I know how frustrating you feel when you just can’t work up the energy to get things done…

I know how embarrassing and humiliating it is when you can’t get “in the mood” for your wife…

And I know how guilty you feel when you see the hurt in her eyes, as she wonders why you don’t find her beautiful anymore, or whether you even love her anymore…

I know because I’ve experienced it.

That’s why it’s so important to me to give you new hope…

You can get the very same results that I did…

You can reclaim your manhood. These natural testosterone-supporting ingredients will help you feel confident again. You’ll feel energized and passionate about work, your hobbies, and your whole life.

They’ll help you stay the man in the bedroom you’ve always been.

And you don’t have to look all over the world to find these ingredients like I did.

No, you can have it much, much easier than that…

How do I know?

Because after I saw how these ingredients helped my uncle’s friends in Oman…

And after I tried it myself and saved my manhood and my marriage…

I shared my secret with a couple of friends. They were guys like you and me, going through the same humiliation.

My friends tried it for themselves and couldn’t stop raving about the effects.

They told me I had to share it with every guy who faces these problems.

I realized they were right.

How could I keep this secret to myself when others like you are suffering?

I wanted to spread the word.

I talked to Chuck, and he was fully behind it.

But I had a problem…

If all I did was tell the world about these ingredients (like I’ve told you now), what help would that be?

You’d still have to find sources for all of them. And remember, some of these only grow in really harsh conditions, like humid jungles or snowy mountains.

Still, I knew that the combination of Frankincense and the 4 superchargers really worked.

I knew my only choice was to find an easier way to get all these ingredients.

I located a few scientific research firms in my area that might be interested in helping.

A few of these companies were brutal. They seemed just as greedy as the drug companies - more worried about profits than helping guys like you and me.

And then I landed on Zenith Labs®.

Because of my story, they were eager to talk to me.

But they were skeptical too.

Their Medical Director, Dr. Ryan Shelton, spent months researching and investigating the effects of the ingredients I told them about.

Their doctors, nutritionists, and nutraceutical experts wanted to make sure for themselves that the research really did show that these ingredients helped support testosterone.

I’ve already shown you a few of those medical studies, and the guys at Zenith Labs® collected plenty more. They were convinced. And they were ecstatic at the results too.

So was I - both for myself and for guys like you that this can help.

I partnered with Zenith Labs®, and we put these 5 ingredients into an easy-to-take capsule.

That amazed me!

It took my uncle Chuck a lifetime to discover each of these ingredients and figure out the proper amounts and ratios. He traveled the whole world, speaking to tribal healers and medical doctors.

And now, all his work was inside this simple capsule.

…because you’ll quickly feel like a Barbarian, full of masculine sexual energy and vigor, and taking charge of your life.

If the woman in your life has been disappointed and missing the old you, wait until she sees the new Barbarian in you.

You’ll see that look of lust and admiration in her eyes, and you’ll know for a fact that she’ll never want anyone but you.

That’s what happened to me and plenty of other guys too.

Like Roy, aged 54, who said:

Before I started taking Barbarian XL®, I was feeling sluggish, sleeping a lot, and didn’t want to do anything. I wanted to give up, and was ready to try to do something about it.

Barbarian XL® promised me a better sex life, a leaner belly, and a stronger mind. Now that I’m taking it, I’m not as tired and I’ve gained some confidence in myself. I think good thoughts and am more positive. Before, I didn’t stand up for myself—now I won’t let anyone push me or my family around. Barbarian XL® has helped me stand my ground.

And John S., aged 69, who said:

Before I found Barbarian XL®, my health was definitely not the same as it is now! I thought I wasn’t going anywhere, I was feeling down, and I didn’t have the strength I have now.

Since I started taking Barbarian XL®, my muscles have increased very quickly and so has my strength. My mind and thoughts are a lot sharper and they are more positive. I feel good and I’ve improved my sex drive. I get on with things like decorating, gardening, cooking, and my romantic relationship has improved. It makes me feel good! I would encourage others to try Barbarian XL® and feel good like me.

What’s inside Barbarian XL®?

Barbarian XL® contains just these 5 ingredients we’ve been talking about,

Boswellia extract (Frankincense), Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Korean Red Ginseng, and Shilajit …

Plus a handful of vitamins and minerals,

Vitamin D, Vitamin B6,
Magnesium and Zinc.

The vitamins help support the absorption of the
Boswellia extract and the 4 superchargers.

That’s it.

No weird chemicals-

only natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

That’s why I chose to work with Zenith Labs®.

Most manufacturers out there use the cheapest ingredients, and they have lousy quality control, so the ratios of those ingredients could be different from bottle to bottle. Not to mention the fillers and contaminants that might end up in the capsules.

But Zenith Labs® is one of few companies that only use manufacturers whose facility is certified by cGMP for compliance with “good manufacturing processes.”

It’s expensive and time-consuming to get certified, but Zenith Labs® knows it’s the best way to guarantee the highest quality product.

Every bottle of Barbarian XL® starts with the highest quality raw ingredients.

And even though we get those ingredients from the most trusted sources (not the cheapest), every batch that comes in the door STILL goes immediately into “quarantine” until it’s tested by the lab for any contaminants.

Each ingredient is then analyzed using FTIR spectroscopy—an expensive process that guarantees the material is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Then the ingredients are tested for microbes and pathogens.

Sometimes, because our ingredients are pesticide and preservative free, we’ll have to throw out an entire batch at this stage—but it’s better than the alternative of an unsafe and lousy product.

Once we make sure it’s exactly what it’s supposed to be and nothing else, the raw ingredients are weighed using precision scales to make sure they are the EXACT amount required by the formula.

And after the capsules are manufactured, our quality control goes further. It tests random samples of the blended ingredients to make sure the final product contains the exact amounts of each ingredient that it should.

Only after the perfect formulation is verified and re-verified do we package the capsules.

That’s how we make sure that you get the purest, most precise formulation of testosterone support available today.

So all you have to do is take 2 Barbarian XL® capsules a day and watch your masculine drive and sexual energy spring to life again.

For some, it takes days … for others, a few weeks.

No nasty side effects … no weird “rebound” effects …

Just take Barbarian XL® daily and watch your manhood come back to life.

The other nice thing about working with Zenith Labs® is that they have the contacts and the buying power to source these ingredients

So I’m happy to tell you that we’ve been able to keep the price of Barbarian XL® super low.

Take a look below to see the low price and the special discount when you buy a longer supply.

And to show you how confident we are that Barbarian XL® will work for you, we’re backing it with a…

180-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works …

Order Barbarian XL® today.

Take 2 tablets a day for up to 180 days.

And if you don’t agree that it helps maintain rock-hard erections and brings back your manly drive… if you don’t feel that it’s doing for you what I’ve said it’s done for me …

Then simply send me back the empty bottles, and I’ll give you every penny of your
money back.

So if you’re ready to start reclaiming your manhood today, knowing you have no risk, just click the button below to get started.

No matter what time you’re reading this presentation, we can process your order securely.

And we’ll ship your order of Barbarian XL® out to you ASAP.

One other thing…

When you click the button below to order Barbarian XL® today, you’ll be given a choice to order 1 bottle or multiple bottles.

You’ll save money when ordering multiple bottles, and they're all covered by our 6-month guarantee. But I’ll leave the choice up to you.

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Now, there’s one last thing I want to talk to you about.

And I won’t tiptoe around it:

This could be your last real chance to get back the man you used to be.

Now that you know the Silent Male Plague is causing your bedroom & confidence issues…

…and you know the 5 ingredients that will help overcome that plague to support testosterone…

It’s up to you to turn your life around by clicking below.

I’ve already shown you the science behind these ingredients, so if you choose to walk away now, you’re saying, “I want to stay stuck like this until I die.”

Maybe you tell yourself you’ll “figure it out later,” but you and I both know that “later” really means “never.”

Meanwhile, your testosterone keeps declining, and your wife keeps looking at you with pity and disgust, wondering what happened to the tough, confident, sexually virile man she married.

You can’t let that happen.

But if you keep putting off reclaiming your manhood, that’s exactly where you’re headed.

So stop waiting.

You have to act now.

And if you think about it, the most life-changing, confidence-restoring decision of your life is also the easiest.

All you have to do is click the button below.

That’s all it takes to start reclaiming your manhood.

Me and the doctors at Zenith Labs® have already done all the hard work, researching, sourcing, and formulating the ingredients. We can’t click the button for you, but I don’t think we’ll have to.

If you’ve stuck around this long, that means you’re the type of man who faces his problems head-on. You see a leaky faucet, you get it fixed.

Now it’s time to fix your declining testosterone. Face this problem head-on.

Take the first step toward restoring your manhood, and be proud of who you are again.

Hear what Jerry, aged 65, wrote to tell me after he tried Barbarian XL®:

“I wanted to see if this would actually work, so I clicked the ‘order’ button—and Barbarian XL® turned things around for me. I would tell others who are skeptical and feeling bad to give Barbarian XL® a try. I started seeing a change after about 5 weeks. It was gradual, and then one morning I woke up full of pep and energy. I didn’t feel draggy and tired like I had normally been. This stuff really works. You won’t regret the wait, and your wife or girlfriend will be tickled pink!”

Click the button below.
I’ll see you on the other side.

6 Bottles

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1 Bottle

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